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DD Studio Acquires FYN Creative

FYN Creative: A Boutique Video Production
and Digital Storytelling Agency

FYN Creative has distinguished itself as a boutique creative agency specializing in video production and digital storytelling. Based in Washington D.C., they have carved a niche in creating engaging and compelling content for a variety of universities and organizations. Their approach, focusing on authenticity and creativity, has enabled them to deliver beautiful videos that carry a strong message and move viewers to take a desired action. 

Kevin OConnell headshot

Kevin O'Connell

Founder of FYN Creative

FYN Creative was founded by Kevin O’Connell in 2014 and has since worked with an array of clients across the higher education, nonprofit, government, and start-up sectors.

Over his 10 years building the company, he has brought together an incredible team of cinematographers, editors, social media specialists, and other freelancers who have contributed to the growth and success of FYN Creative.

After this long and fruitful chapter leading FYN Creative, Kevin is transitioning to a Strategic Advisor role at DD Studio as we bring FYN Creative into the fold. 

Why This Acquisition Makes Sense

The acquisition of FYN Creative by DD Studio represents a strategic alignment of complementary strengths. FYN’s expertise in video production and digital storytelling blends seamlessly with DD Studio’s innovative approach to digital marketing and creative services. This overlap in service types and industry was a perfect opportunity to continue on the legacy of FYN Creative and their clients without disrupting the boutique feel that FYN Creative brought to their clients. DD Studio operates in a very similar fashion and looks to assist FYN Creative clients grow into their current and future goals. 

DD Studio: Where Authentic Storytelling Meets Marketing Strategy

DD Studio, renowned for its high-level video quality and exceptional storytelling, offers a wide range of creative services that are both innovative and effective. Our expertise in creating digital experiences that resonate with audiences and generates engagement on social platforms has set us apart in the industry. 

This acquisition marks a new chapter for both DD Studio and FYN Creative, promising to bring topnotch creative deliverables while maintaining a very personal feel. 

Watch: DD Studio Sizzle Reel

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